Parent Resources

Parent Resources

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We’ve Done the Research and Thinking for You!


Now you can have the resources you need in one place for throwing the best birthday party around, saving you hours of research and planning. Whether you have an immediate birthday party coming up, or one down the road, you’ll know where to look!


In between our DFW Ultimate Birthday Party Expo events, refer as often as needed to our list of resources, links, contacts, and ideas to help you select just the right venue, caterer, party planner, graphic designer, or vendor for specialized and rental items.

Make a vivid splash on your child’s imagination with a themed party. Decorations, costumes, party foods, and games all work together to create a world apart for your child on his/her special day. The magic and artistry of party elements will be woven together for a treasured place in your child’s heart.

Additional Resources

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Party Theme Ideas

Here’s to the success of your next party!!

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