Celebrating Birthdays in Dallas County

DFW Ultimate Birthday Party Expo - Playstreet Museum

There are different ways to choose a perfect birthday venue depending on whether you are looking for an adult or child. Here, I’m going to keep it at a child’s level. When looking specifically for a kids birthday venue one of the biggest things that you’re going to want to do is stay within a budget. There is no reason for anyone to go broke while celebrating a birthday. Below are some great birthday venues in Dallas County that are pinpointed directly to children!

First, roller skating is always a perfect option. Generally at any skating rink there is food provided and they have birthday packages. This is especially true at Texas Skatium on Rowlett road in Garland. Not only do they help coordinate with the parents but they also offer private parties if you want to go that route. One great thing to recognize is the rink is a local, family owned roller skating rink. So they know the value of family.

Another great location is SPARK and they are located in Dallas. Now to have a birthday party here it would be better suited for children from 6-15 years. This is because there is a lot of physical activity here. It introduces a lot of climbing and shifting exercises. The kids will definitely go home tired because every muscle will be worked at this location.

The Dallas Children’s Theater Is always exciting. They have entertaining shows for every member of the family. This is focused towards more of a nonphysical birthday party. Because there is going to be more sitting and snacking and viewing over anything else.

This next birthday option is focused more as an in-home birthday party. It is the reality of having a fairytale party through Fairytale Princess Parties DFW. Except for the only difference is, the princesses come to the party. Some of the princesses include Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and even Rapunzel. Everyone comes in complete clothes and makeup and celebrates the special day with your child.

Play Street Museum in Lake Highlands has got to be one of my favorite birthday venues in Dallas County. The reason I say this is because everything is hands-on. It is a complete indoor play center that is locally owned and operated and every corner is kid friendly. If you are interested in a birthday party, they will give you a free consultation and walk you through everything there. You will be amazed  at the activities that they perform with your kids under eight years of age.

If you already have the price set aside for the birthday party, that is great! The only other thing you really need to consider is the number of guests. Make sure that you have a reasonable number of guests when you are making a reservation for a party. This way the venue is prepared for your party in advance.